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The path to a normal life can be a tricky one for many former inmates. Despite their wish to re-integrate into society, they often lack the necessary skills and support, and risk going back to crimes. This issue was given special attention in the Czech ‘Judicial Capacity Building Cooperation and Correctional Services’ programme.
The women’s prison Opava was among the initiatives that received support during the 2009-2014 Norway Grants funding period. This project helped convert a former boiler room into classrooms. With courses in the new facilities, inmates were able to gain practical knowledge and skills which will help them stay on a straight path after their release. This includes financial literacy, computer skills and knowledge of the labour market.
“I enrolled in the programme to put my life in order and to learn something about debts. I don’t have debts now, but with this experience I will be prepared should I run into any,” added ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Eliška.
In addition to the courses, prison staff members have visited women’s prisons in Norway to share experiences and knowledge. With the project completed, more than 100 women are expected to benefit from courses each year.
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Rule of law and protection of human rights are essential for any well-functioning democratic society. Despite the progress made, Europe still faces several challenges in the area.


With nearly €190 million in funding from Norway Grants to the justice and home affairs sector in the past years, we have protected human rights, strengthened the capacity of institutions, increased professional skills, and supported cooperation and mutual learning across the donor and beneficiary countries.
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